Party at Home: 3 Tips and Pillars for Throwing a Successful House Party

by Jeanne Turnock 10/30/2022

Atmosphere is everything with just about any home, gathering or party. If the atmosphere is lacking, chances are enjoyment levels will decrease. So what is a host to do when throwing a house party with various atmospheric elements?

Here are three major areas that will instantly boost your party’s atmosphere and how to achieve the best fit for you.


Music is a universal atmosphere booster. From movies to weddings to graduations and Saturday mornings, music can set the mood for any occasion. But how do you decide what sound is best for your party? Figure out what tone you want to set and what vibe your home gives off.

If your home is filled with warm tones and neutral colors, opt for something mellow like quiet jazz or soft ambient music. If it’s robust and full of bold colors and statement pieces, try going big with brass bands or distinguish your style with a few lesser-known artists. As long as you keep the music low enough for guests to have comfortable conversations, your selection will increase the mood tenfold. Just make sure it matches the tone you want to convey.


If you’re still having a hard time deciding on a music choice, try figuring out your theme first. What will your party be about? Is it just a relaxed gathering or a large celebration? Is it something more? Regardless of what it is, your theme will help you set the mood.

For more relaxed gatherings, soft lighting, relaxing music, accessible snacks and an inviting color scheme such as earthen tones or warm reds and oranges can get your guests in the mood. For gatherings with a lively pulse, try bold colors with contrasting accent colors, music with a nice beat and themed snacks or dishes for your guests to enjoy. You may even want to set up a few party games for your guests to get some of their buzzing excess energy going.


Parties don’t necessarily need to be decorated according to a party store pamphlet, though those decorations also have a place. In fact, you’d be surprised what you can do with décor already in your home.

Perhaps you have a set of decorative dishes adorning a sofa table, but there’s an empty spot on a shelf. Try moving the dishes to the shelf and use the sofa table as both décor and a place for some of your snack spread. Tie curtains in the open position to let in a little more light and give your room a more relaxed yet neat appearance. Curtains at the corners of your window give you a more traditional feel, while curtains tied open in the center can give you a more accented appearance.

If you’re looking for bigger party theatrics, try getting single color streamers that match your home’s color scheme. You can even use streamers, banners and party table cloths as accents to your home’s natural schema during your event. This works as an atmosphere enhancer and a way to display some of the more nuanced portions of your home.